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Abberfield Industries
For over 50 years, Abberfield has provided innovative solutions for revenue collection equipment.

Our ‘total solution’ approach offers Australian build products and custom requirement support.

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Friends of Abberfield

Over many decades friendships have developed with customers, suppliers and others.

The good will developed is appreciated and though newsletters, Christmas contact and this page we keep in touch and tell our story.

Personnel Profile

John Colyer | Director| 40 years employed

Ann Stokes | Sales| 20 years employed

Laurie Kirsto | Service 12 years employed

The average length of employment of the remaining team is over 15 years


The business started in 1964. In 1968 Abberfield Industries became a company limited by shares. Early development products included medical equipment and industrial timers.

Peripheral nerve simulator

In the 60’s Abberfield produced the first solid state electronic delay timers used in Australia, others were motor driven.

Coin time switches for television rental then set the company on the path of revenue collection equipment and over the years the equipment range exploded.

Other Abberfield companies were created, Abberfield Technology Pty Ltd, Abberfield Holdings Pty Ltd and in the United Kingdom Abberfield Europe Ltd. Today the activities are primarily through Abberfield Industries Pty Ltd.

Through the 90’s other shareholders joined and the business grew internationally. Now the founders have re-acquired all shares in all companies and the business embarks on the next stage of development.

Newsletter & Quarterly Calendar

Each quarter Abberfield send a small calendar to a number of Abberfield’s friends, together with a brief newsletter. If “Friends” are missing out and wish to be included, please contact us and let us know.

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